Toyo Sasaki Stackable Tumbler Large

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Hard Strong Stackable Tumbler from Toyo Sasaki 250ml.

Was a few years ago that we originally saw these glasses in a book by Jasper Morrison, they've long been on our list of must haves when we started building the homeware edit and so it's with great pleasure to have them here now. 

The design is award winning and made from toughened glass by one of the leading glass manufacturers in Japan - They're a bit like a Japanese version of Duralex except less readily available and really pleasing to look at, not that there's anything wrong with duralex of course, we just really like these glasses.

We have 250ml and 200ml. Both great sizes, the smaller suits well for a wine/short drink tumbler and the larger is a nice size for a slightly longer beverage. 

*Please note the sticker does come off the glass, we just thought it looked cool
*Please also note that on request we can order in large quantities or sets of these